Below is a map that shows the local walks around castle farm.

Features on the walk (numbers corresponds to the map):

  1. All Saints church, a grade 1 listed building, built in the 1300’s. is located at the north end of the village and is a fantastic starting point for the river walk.
  2. Common-spotted-orchids are also found on the walk. They can be seen in the grassland and are pollinated by bees and hover flies. The flowers are seen as special points of scientific interest
  3. The wild flower meadow is drilled with a pollen, nectar mixture of grasses and wildflower to encourage insects and as a result, native song birds.
  4. The River Wensum is renowned for Roach, Chubb and Pike fishing. The river is designated a special area of conservation and is one of the UK’s most important chalk rivers.
  5. The ‘Small White’ butterflies (Pieris Rapae) can be seen during July and August in the hedgerows and wildflower meadows.
  6. Walking the river walk is a magical experience, where a wide variety of wildlife may be encountered i.e. Swans, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Canadian Geese, Deer, Pheasant and Kingfisher.
  7. Pennyspot Beck, a tributary of the Wensum drains land to the South of the parish. It runs Northwards beside the Pennyspot Beck Plantation and is the subject of many educational visits